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Fee Schedule Effective June 2, 2017: Initial Evaluation Appointments (60 minutes) are $275. There is no additional fee to have Dr. Tanaka review your old records/previous evaluations, which can be forwarded to her in advance of the first appointment.

To download a record release form, please click here. You will need to give this form to your former doctor to get your records sent to Dr. Tanaka.

Follow-up 30 minute medication monitoring appointments are $125.

Psychotherapy/Family therapy 60 minute appointments are $250.

Sliding scale available for ESTABLISHED patients if there has been loss of a job, or other significant loss of income due to illness. Please discuss sliding scale fees directly with Dr. Tanaka.

Dr. Tanaka does not accept referrals from any managed care insurance and does not bill any insurance, MediCal, Medicare, Workers Compensation or Veterans Administration. (So sorry.)

Payment via credit card (Visa and MasterCard.... but NOT Discover Card or American Express) or personal check or money order or cash at time of visit please. Post-dated checks accepted if the date is within one month of the visit. There is a $7 bounced check fee.

If you have a PPO insurance plan , then submitting a “superbill“ which is a detailed receipt with Dr. Tanaka’s tax id, and your procedure code and diagnostic code will most likely lead to partial reimbursement or credit toward your deductible.

Unfortunately HMOs, MediCal, Medicare and Kaiser will not reimburse patients for paying a physician up front.

Please note Dr. Tanaka cannot double book appointments, and there is a high demand for appointments, and she works very long hours getting everyone in to be seen for urgent appointments. Thus, there is, after the first evaluation appointment, A NO SHOW FEE AND ALSO A LATE CANCELLATION FEE (less than 24 hours notice) which is equal to the fee of the entire appointment. (Exceptions are made in case of emergency in your family/household/work..... but not repeatedly). If you “no show” for an initial evaluation, there is no missed appointment fee, but Dr. Tanaka reserves the right to not reschedule your initial appointment and request that you see someone else.