Dear Reader,

I have had the privilege of serving patients in SD County and beyond since 1988. About 5 years ago we began announcing to our patients and their families, that I plan to retire July 4, 2021. Time has passed quickly and that date is upon us. I wish to thank my patients, their families, therapists, teachers, primary care physicians, pharmacists (and staff), & pharmaceutical representatives. I also appreciate the 30 psychiatrists in this community who have made room in their busy practices for my patients. My profound gratitude to my husband and friends for their unconditional love and support over many years of double shift hours, I hope are already understood.

To my patients, who have traveled all the way up to Ramona to see me, you have been the most motivated patients in all of San Diego County, and I have learned a tremendous amount from all of you. Many of you still face many challenges. In addition to all you do to strive for physical and emotional health, please allow yourself to receive God’s Grace; to let into your heart His comfort, strength, wisdom to deal with life’s painful challenges. Also remember that you are not alone in your suffering, and we are all interdependent. Compassion for others helps heal our pain and may even bring a bit of joy.

On a pragmatic level, to my patients who have not been able to secure appointments with new psychiatrists yet, please contact me asap via email: for recommendations if you need them. Once you have scheduled a new patient appointment, please let me know who the new MD is, their office fax number, and the date of the appointment, and I will try my best to send a summary and a copy of your records prior to your appointment.

For emergencies for my existing patients after July 4, 2021, please contact your new MD, or call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.

I have notified the Medical Board of State of California and the DEA of my retirement, and I have requested termination of my medical license and DEA certificate a few months after July 4, 2021. For refills after July 4, 2021, please provide your pharmacy with the contact information of your new MD. If you do yet have a new MD, and you have run out of meds, please contact me for short term prescription refills, while you look for a new MD. For now, pharmacies may still fax me refill requests at 760 788 2494.

If you wish to have your chart notes forwarded to you or another provider in the future, please send a written request to me at 22300 Saddleback Drive; Tehachapi, Ca 93561. Per HIPAA regulations, medical records will be kept 7 years from the time of your last appointment if you were an adult when you began treatment with me. If you were under the age of 18 when you began treatment, then your medical records will be kept until you are 25 years old.

Please do NOT send correspondence or packages to my previous address 15725 Snuz Mtn Rd; Ramona, Ca 92065, and please refrain from disturbing the new owners of my former office/residence. Thank you.


Jane Tanaka MD